Failed to create Enterprise Wiki Site [Solved]

11. July 2013 0 By Uli Netzer
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Failed to apply template "ENTERWIKI#0" to web at URL "http://development-sql/Wiki",
error Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. 
Parameter name: Content type not found …

If you have this issue please chekc the following:

get-spfeature -Site http://Url of site

If there is a feature called EnterpriseWikiLayouts then:

disable-spfeature -Identity a942a218-fa43-4d11-9d85-c01e3e3a37cb -Url http://mysite

enable-spfeature -Identity a942a218-fa43-4d11-9d85-c01e3e3a37cb -Url http://mysite

Otherwise just enable the feature.