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Monatsarchive: November 2012

File not found [solved]

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After importing [stsadm –o import –url http://myurl –filename d:\exports\filetoimport.cmp] a site from a SharePoint export to my SharePoint server I opend the URL and got the following error: “File not found”
File not found

After looking around I found nothing. What file could SharePoint mean? The first thing I always try is to open the “/_layouts/settings.aspx” If the page opens this is a good hint to where the problem could be. If you check the Pages library (if Publishinging Feature is activated) you will see a page with a name like Home (default) for example. This is the page the users seePageLayoutCatalog first when opening the site. This is defined under “Look and Feel” – Welcome page. To every page there is a Page layout and a master page that both need to be in the gallerie in order for the page to display at all. If any of these 2 pages are not there the “File not found” error will show up. These files will not be in the export because these files are part of the file system and not the Database of the site. When you upload the files to the “Master pages and page layouts” Gallerie be sure to check the files in or the files can not be accessed. In this library you will also find the PageLayoutxxx.aspx and default.master files. The master file is set under “Look and Feel” – Master Page settings.

SharePoint authentication window pops up when opening document library in Explorer View [solved]

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If you want to open a document library with “Open with Windows Explorer” you use the WebDAV protocol to list the folder contents on a SharePoint. This can be very helpful if you need to copy a lot of files from or to your computer. Opening the Explorer View on a Windows 7 computer you get an logon window to enter your credentials. It works, is little annoying though. To fix this you need to change a setting in your registry:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\WebClient\Parameters] AuthForwardServerList

Adding the URL of your SharePoint server will automatically forward your credentials the next time (after reboot) you open the Explorer View.WebDavAuthForward